Darcie Hairpins

Darcie Hairpins

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The Darcie Hairpins are beautifully simple in their design, allowing them to be styled in many ways...hair up, down, wavy, curly, straight, these lightweight pins work perfectly with whatever hairstyle you go for.

Each pin is handcrafted from pure white polymer porcelain with a contrasting beaded stamen at the centre of each flower. Choose from Gold, Silver or Rose Gold stamens and hairpins.

- Available as a set of 3 or 5

- Measurement (excl. pins) from largest flower to smallest W4.5cm x H4cm/ W4cm x H4cm/ W3.5cm x H3.5cm/ W3.5cm x H3cm/ W3cm x H3cm

-(3 pin purchase includes W4.5cm x H4cm/ W3.5cm x H3.5cm/ W3cm x H3cm)

- Designed & made in the UK

- Handcrafted Porcelain flowers, Toho seed beads, Tarnish resistant jewellery wire.

- Attaches to metal Hairpins - your choice of Gold, Silver, Rose Gold. Please let us know if you would like us to match the hairpin to your hair colour so that it can't be seen.

- Made to order in 4-6 weeks (contact us for rush orders)

- This design can be customised (contact us for more info)

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